Cloud & Bluetooth Access control

We live in a digital-virtual world. Isn’t it time that our intercom systems caught up? That’s what we had in mind when we conceived and develop ROZCOM X501. ROZCOM X500 turns everything you know about intercoms upside down: it requires no infrastructure of any type, no screen in your house or office, and no need to get up to answer when someone rings. The magic all happens on one smartphone-like panel at the entrance to your building that’s easy and quick to install.

Key Advantages

It is possible through the tenant's application to book a guest by day and time by sending a temporary code, the guest can open the door if the code is in the hours and days we have set.
An excellent solution for apartments for rent, courier, guest booking, Air bnb apartments, offices and more.

The base system can accommodate up to 25 regular users
The number of users can be expanded to an unlimited amount by adding 100 user packages.
Possible to choose entrance method:
Button (open for 1 to 120 seconds)
OFF Button ON Button
Length 13cm | Width 6cm | Depth 3 cm

Advantage price of cloud intercom

buy only panel if licenses, attractive price from any standard line system
both because there is no cost of monitors and also quick installation

Technical data Panel

OS – Android 8.1
Solution – Qualcomm MSM8953
Core- OCTA Core
Flash- 16GB
Display- Size 7-inch, IPS
Display – Resolution 600×1024
Camera- 2MP
Water-proof IP65



Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz,
Output: DC 12V 2A
Working Temperature -20 to 55°C
Working Humidity 10 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Size – 307x130x30 mm
Languages – All languages
Card reader 125KHz
Ethernet 1x RJ45, 10/100Mbps
Relay 2x Relays
RS485 1xRS485, Half Duplex

More about Rozcom


ROZCOM X501 connects to the internet via a network cable (LAN POE ), making it possible for you to enjoy all the perks of a home intercom system without having to set one up. In fact, in creating ROZCOM X501, we replaced the traditional intercom with your smartphone. When a visitor buzzes using ROZCOM X501, you can answer on your smartphone, carry out a video call, text him or her, and open the door no matter where you are, whether you’re home or not.

The main panel at the entrance to the building offers a user experience just like the one you know and love from your smartphone, with a touchscreen and a list of contacts that you can scroll through quickly to easily select your contact. With ROZCOM X501, you can call your contact directly, without bothering everyone else at home.

There’s no limit to how many apartments can be set up with each ROZCOM X501, and each apartment can designate up to 5 contacts to be reached directly through the intercom. And just like on a smartphone, adding or removing contacts and managing entry codes on the panel is seamless and convenient.

ROZCOM X501 can be installed in private homes, apartment buildings, and offices alike.
The outer panel is completely weather resistant and carefully designed using high-quality materials, offering a refined look for any setting.

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