Interior unit and application

Video calls, chat and remote control.

The X500 gives you the freedom to choose how to answer the intercom – either from the dedicated tablet or via the mobile phone app.
The interior monitor is a tablet which includes an app for HD video calls (up to 45 seconds) and the possibility of opening a door. In addition, the tablet can be used to reply via chat message when you cannot answer via video call.

The tablet is wall mounted, and can be unhooked and used as a regular tablet, including web browsing, downloading apps, games and more.

The tablet can be used to call the guard/concierge in the building's lobby (if there is one).

The tablet offers a silence mode (Do Not Disturb) which cancels the ring in the apartment (especially useful for Sabbath observant).

Tech Specs:

  1. Monitor: black or white colored tablet.
  2. 8" tablet.
  3. Built-in speaker and microphone.
  4. 5DC working voltage.
  5. Designed wall mount for tablet.
  6. For installation on plaster.
  7. Dimensions including docking mount.
  8. Dimensions without docking mount.

Mobile App

The mobile app lets users speak with the caller in video, chat and open the door from anywhere, anytime.

The application enables personal calls to any tenant, for complete privacy.

The App includes silence mode (Do Not Disturb).

How Its Work: