Exterior touch panel – easy to use, smart to operate

The X500 system is fundamentally designed to provide an exceptional user experience and a wide range of benefits for tenants, installers and developers.
The system is based on a high quality external touch screen panel, rich and intuitive navigation, simple adjustment to tenants' needs and fast installation with minimal cabling.
The system's panel is generic and suitable for use in private homes, residential towers and office buildings alike. It is scalable to suite any number of users. Adding, removing, managing tenant names and access codes are made simple, and can be done immediately and independently by those authorized. The touch screen allows quick navigation and rapid implementation of tenant's list.
From the exterior panel one can make HD video calls to the indoor monitor (wall mounted tablet) and a smartphone. In addition, you can answer chat calls from the monitor and mobile, for example during a meeting or when it's inconvenient to talk.
Dialing can be done collectively to all the tenants or to a specific mobile number, thus maintaining maximum privacy when needed.
The system is cloud-based, so that all information is stored on a server and can be retrieved and rapidly recovered.
An unlimited number of panels can be installed in buildings with multiple entrances, where information updated on one panel is reflected automatically on the other panels as well.
The system supports calls from the concierge position, and vice versa.
The exterior panel is highly durable to withstand all weather conditions, and is built from high quality materials with a luxurious finish.

Benefits for the installer and developer
Installation of the system and its operation does not require prior knowledge.
The system is offered with a licensing model based on the number of tenants.
Each apartment includes up to five licenses (tablets and mobile phones cumulative)
The system operates on existing Internet infrastructure.

Tech Specs:

  1. 7" color screen.
  2. Exterior panel's dimensions.
  3. Sunken box dimensions.
  4. Muscle Glass protective layer (0.5 mm) against fracture and scratches.
  5. 2MP camera.
  6. Code pad for opening door.
  7. Waterproof panel (IP 55) in a variety of colors.
  8. Can be installed on plaster/sunken, with or without visor.
  9. Built-in speaker and microphone.
  10. 5DC working voltage.
  11. Control of two relays.
  12. Option of opening relay Nc, No.
  13. M3 star aluminum screws.
  14. Work temperature -10 o to +50o.
  15. Wi-Fi in panel's vicinity (in the absence of a network, the system works with code-pad without outgoing calls).
  16. 0.5 mm 6-wire cable. Copper cable required.

Installation Options:

Under the plaster without awning

Over the plaster without awning

Under the plaster with awning

Over the plaster with awning

Color Options:

Installation Steps:


How Its Work: