About Rozcom

With decades of experience in the field of intercom systems, Rozcom is proud to present its newest development: X500, the world's most advanced intercom system.
Compared to all other existing solutions, Rozcom has developed a groundbreaking system which offers an exceptional experience for end users, installers and developers.
Rozcom laboratories are located in Israel and include R&D, electronic engineers and quality control personnel, all with extensive experience in their field. The company operates with compliance to international standards and bases its products on the highest quality components produced by the world's leading manufacturers.

X500 – Redefining Entry Systems

The X500's underlying mindset is a modular approach to homes, residential towers and offices. The system includes an external unit with touch-screen monitor, apartment monitor and mobile application. This means that for the first time you can make HD video calls, chat and control the opening of the door from anywhere: from the sofa at home, from the office in the middle of a meeting or even when you're abroad on vacation.

X500 reflects original thinking, excellence in design and quality specifications in every aspect:

  • Patented system (pendin)
  • Developed in Israel, manufactured in Europe
  • Reliable technical specifications
  • Long-term durability
  • Advanced work and user experience